Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Never Half Empty

where was I when I went to sleep last night?
I dreamed of...
cobberstone streets and skies so blue that I cried,
people walking narrow streets between red, blue, and yellow colored buildings.
a restaurant of blue tile floors, furnished with mahogony tables and chairs.
lush broad leaf plants, so green and proud.
a cooling fountain in the center, that song in cascading babels.
spiced meats and vegetables promising me a good meal.
welcoming smiles of missed friends greeting my arrival.
a glass of water was placed before me half full...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where have I been?

I have been floating out in the ether...I wanted to blog (not really), but everything has been said.

My last blog was on October 22, 2008...let's see what has happened since then:

Collapse of the world economy
Presidential Elections
An African American as President
New baby in home
New Years
Hudson Bay crash
MLK Holiday
Washington and the country changes for the best
Angry sore losers or the collapse of the Republican Party
A cold winter
Beach Vacation
St. Patrick Day
A cold spring
Death of a Friend
Finding out I have a health condition
Pirates of the Indian Ocean
Car troubles
Great TV shows on the to be cancelled list
Torture Gate
Swine Flu

These are all the things I would've blogged about over the past six months, but had no time to write about. Some of the things looks very interesting to blog about so you may see them in future blogs.