Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Letter to my Congressman

I am very angry about the fleecing of America by fat cats in the giantic financial institutions. I know it may pointless but atleast I said my peace.

My letter to my Congressman....

Please do not pass the financial institution bail out bill. When individuals and institutions make bad business and financial decisions, we should not bail them out carte banc.

The American people should not be the financial fall guys to Financial Giants, and special interest groups. Capitalism needs to be protected for itself...these giantic institutions should fall to the wayside for smaller, smarter, and lender institutions that care more about their country by making smart business decisions and are willing to face the music when they mess up.

Say no, to those top executives who are seeking golden parachutes on the backs and labors of the American people.

I know I may not get an answer from Washington other than the US Congress passing this bill because of the strong financial lobbyists in the halls of Congress.

I can only hope, Congressman Johnson, that you represent your district and the American people by not passing this bill.

Thank you

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Jessica said...

You go girl--I'm glad you wrote this! :)